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Custom Printed New Bagley's Ultimate Spiderman Costume


Really pleased. The thicker material makes a world of difference on the colour and comfort. Zentais own face shell is perfect and fits lovely. Would get the U shaped zipper next time as it's too difficult getting zipped up on your own. All in all great work from a great company. Thank you
Date Added: 03/12/2018 by Dan Ledbury

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Date Added: 07/07/2018 by Nicholas Bass
The costume arrived and it looks good enough but I can not see what's below me while wearing the mas...

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Date Added: 07/07/2018 by Nicholas Bass
Costume arrived and it looks great! It's a bit hard to see out of the lenses and I can't see below m...

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Date Added: 05/21/2018 by Corey Welch
This suit like every other one I’ve gotten here is amazing. Fits well, however there is extra fabric...

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Date Added: 03/26/2018 by Dan Ledbury
Updated review with better photo. Vertical back zipper with detachable mask. Brilliant muscle tone a...

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Date Added: 03/16/2018 by Rey Jomari Layson
This is my 3rd suit from ZentaiZone and I have yet to be disappointed! I love the pattern, the cell ...

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Date Added: 03/14/2018 by Gabriel Colon
been about two years since i last ordered a suit from zentaizone. i thought the quality was great be...

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