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New 3-D Spandex Lycra Amazing Spiderman 2 Zentai Costume


This suit is great! I like how the web pattern doesn't cuttoff at that seams. It matches up everywhere. The suit is tight and stretchy. The inside doesn't have the white lycra which I love!! I don't like the eyes very much, so I recommend getting the EVA lenses. Also, the suit in general isn't screen accurate. Overall, this suit is great and I highly recommend you get it!
Date Added: 06/20/2016 by Cody Sorenson

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Date Added: 04/15/2018 by Louis Ramos
This suits fits good and came on time, great buy! :)

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Date Added: 04/15/2018 by Louis Ramos
Awesome costume, got a lot of praise for this suit :)

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Date Added: 01/04/2018 by cesar mendoza
10 out of 10 The fabric feels soft and stretchy, the seams are strong, also the zippers Very hap...

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Date Added: 12/05/2017 by Zeimen Haar
Very nice suit which fits very well. Awesome quality and nice view with TASM2 lenses. Moreover I rec...

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Date Added: 07/11/2017 by Diana Imperial
It came earlier than expected. Good quality!

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Date Added: 07/09/2017 by cesar mendoza
It is a fantastic product, well made and very practical, the fabric feels soft and tight, abdolutely...

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