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New Civil War Spiderman Spandex Zentai Costume


I absolutely love this suit, the detail is spot on, I've only ever had one spidey suit that I got off ebay but then I came across zentaizone and thought I better look them up so went onto youtube and so many people was saying how great the suits are from here so I thought to have ago and I am so happy with the product and the rest my suits that I will get will be from here. Well done zentaizone and a massive well done to Mis Hou worker no.8 for the work she done on my suit.
Date Added: 02/10/2017 by Declan Body

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Date Added: 10/11/2017 by Joshua Fuller
Really well done! I looked around a few sites and found this one to be the most reliable. And I was ...

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Date Added: 08/06/2017 by Jennifer Silmaro
(I redid this review because my video did not go through.) I had just ordered this for my B-day and ...

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Date Added: 08/03/2017 by Jennifer Silmaro
I had just ordered this for my B-day and this is the coolest thing ever!!! I love the detail and it ...

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Date Added: 07/19/2017 by Devin Green
My first suit from Zentaizine and Absolutely love the suit! the printwork, the sewing, everything is...

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Date Added: 04/29/2017 by Josh Davis
the suit fits GREAT! only complaint is my extra mask didnt have any lenses

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Date Added: 02/17/2017 by Josh LeQuire
Fits perfectly. I had to modify the face shell a bit.

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