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Custom Printed Miles Morales Spiderman Zentai


The costume looks great if you don't look carefully. Its difficult to put on, but if you're not weak, you can figure out what's the best way to do it and zip it up.

Main problem comes from the puff painting. It wasn't done too well. Its hard to notice at first, but you'll see it eventually. My mask has a few crooked lines, which are pretty easy to spot. Next time no puff paint if I decide to order something else, or hope that they actually try hard enough to not paint it on crooked. This is an expensive costume and whoever did my paint should have taken the time to do it right.

The detachable mask has a neck-piece that is a bit long and kind of scrunches when I tuck it into the suit. The magnets on the mask fall off easily, so I had to glue them back on.

There should be soles that are the same color as the actual soles of the suit. I got black soles. Red would have been nicer.
Date Added: 03/14/2019 by Alain Pham

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Date Added: 05/22/2019 by Duncan Chetrafilov
First order from Zentai Zone and I am not disappointed! The print on the suit is phenomenal, the web...

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Date Added: 05/19/2019 by Eric Kelley
Thank you so much I've never been this happy before. I'll definitely be buying from you guys again.

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Date Added: 05/19/2019 by Eric Kelley
Thank you so much worker #6. I cried tears of joy I tried the suit on for the first time. It's so de...

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Date Added: 05/16/2019 by Francis Tiu
Thanks you so much Zentaizone! Thank you Misli, Worker #6! Will order again soon!

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Date Added: 05/13/2019 by William Torres
I got my authentic Miles Morales suit a year or two before this one and I can honestly say that this...

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Date Added: 04/27/2019 by Jack Marrero
Amazing suit, it fits perfect and looks GREAT!!

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