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Zentaizone Custom Printing And Sewing


I gotta say this suit feels amazing i got colored fabrics and screen printed emblems and this just gives the suit cartoon vibes for it. Sadly second wear the palm ripped but easy fix. But the suit gives off cartoon vibes then what it would've looked like with the texture. But 10/10 love the suit
Date Added: 12/03/2020 by vito galizio

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Date Added: 07/27/2021 by Kevin L
Amazing quality! The details on the suit are insane. I cannot recommend this enough. Came fair quick...

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Date Added: 07/27/2021 by Kevin L
Great fit and feel! Printed exactly how I wanted it.

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Date Added: 07/13/2021 by Scott Benjamin Reilly
The costume is very nice. The colors are good, the screen printed emblems are very nice. The shoes a...

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Date Added: 06/15/2021 by Thomas Iwata
Fantastic work as always. Great product, great customer service and quick turn around. Thank you!

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Date Added: 05/28/2021 by Gabriel Colon
decided to redo this suit but in color fabric form. was not disappointed. the colors came out beauti...

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Date Added: 05/23/2021 by Crystal Parisi
Finally excited to able to cosplay Power Girl! The suit fits perfectly

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