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Print Zentai

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What is a print zentai?In fact it is an unicolor zentai like a plain white zentai printed with a pattern.This way helps us to look simlar to any character we want.

Now has created some print products and hope you will love them.You may find these product on our website by searching” print”.

Some cool ones are listed below:

Gentleman Lycra Print Full Body Suit

Horrific Mummy Spandex Print Halloween Zentai

Shy Panda Print Spandex Full Body Suit

Attack On Titan Spandex Print Zentai Costume

Spandex Cute Snow Man Print Zentai Suit




Cute Spandex Print Totoro Animal Zentai Suit


Authentic Venom Costume

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In the past our customers needed to comment their order to let us to custom make our venom spiderman costume with “white square” on the back of the hands and spider on the back of the costume as well.

Now it becomes much easier and more convenient for those people who want an authentic venom costume.You must just order this product as below:

Deadpool Costume Version 2 Arrived

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In fact we have made this costume for a lot of our customers and until today we listed it on our website.

In fact the deadpool costume version 2 is almost as same as our classic deadpool costume and the main difference is that it has round eyes.

Lycra Spandex Round Eyes Deadpool Costume

our old one:Spandex Lycra Deadpool Costume

we took another picture of this classic one for you to see the diffence


A Deluxe Spiderman Costume

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We keep designing new spiderman costumes to meet your needs.In the past,some of our customers wanted a costume that has honeycomb pattern and so based on this request,we finally designed this one for you.

We want you to look cool in it but unique to other spiderman costumes;we want you feel comfortable in it and so we used the top-rated spandex lycra.Let’s check out the new design for 2014.

It is 2014 Super Cool Lycra Spandex Spiderman Costume

New Snake Pattern Zentai

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Snake pattern zentai is always loved by a lot of girls and to meet your needs,we have designed the new one for you.It is different from other ones because you can touch the snake pattern.It is amazing right?check it out below:

it is “2014 New Snake Pattern Animal Zentai

Pu Metallic Zentai Arrived

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Shiny metallic zentai suits give you a shiny and beautiful look but the only pity is that this kind of suits can not be used for a long time.
Now we designed a new kind of zentai:Pu metallic zentai!you still can have the look you want and this kind of suits can be used for quite a long time.Of course,there is no perfect thing as Pu metallic zentai do not allow you to breathe.So we recommend that you buy one that is have open mouth or open eyes custom option.Check out these great products we have now!