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New Product

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Good news to our dear customers!

This monkey animal zentai has been designed and now you can have a chance to play as a monkey!!It is cool right?

This animal zentai is made from lycra materials and so it is very comfortable to wear and breathe in it.Besides,it is cheap.

NOW,if you want to be unique,just to be the first person to order it among your friends!

To Get A Free Red Lantern Costume

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We know that many people are red lantern fans and so some of them must be looking for a red lantern costume.We designed one and hope it can satisfy your needs.

And we are also need your help!You can see that our red lantern costume needs a real model.So please send us some pics of you in this costume and if your pics are chosen as our product model images,we will refund the money of this costume you spent.

Want a free red lantern costume?Join us!!!!



Can I See Through The Zentai?

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We always received the same question:can I see though the zentai?I guess those customers were planning to wear zentai in public or want to wear zentai for performance or other special events.So I think it is necessary to explain it here.

You can see through the lycra spandex zentai suits and modal zentai suits and you not have to worry about if you will bump into others or get hitted while in it.

You can not see though Shiny metallic zentai suits clearly and maybe just the shadows.So,if you want to wear this kind of zentai outside for an event,I suggest that you choose the “open eyes” custom option

Please remember that you can not see though PVC materials and so most of our pvc zentai catsuits are made without hood or with open eyes and open mouth,

Any other questions you may have,please feel free to contact us at

New Coupon For May

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You will save 10$ if your order over 150$!

Coupon code:2012zentaizone

Expires:31st May



Hope you will enjoy your shopping experience from us!



To Dear Customers

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We are very glad to launch our official blog and here you can know  all the latest news of zentaizone.

In fact,we are planning to build a real zone for zentai fans and our dear has been over 2 years old and we appreciate all your great support to us!

Please just drop us a line if you need any assistance and you are welcome to comment here


All best, Team