why we upgraded our old thick fabrics?

the old thick fabrics are almost perfect but it requires customers to pay much attention to take care of it
for example:do not put in moist/wet place; hang it in an airy place(very important)but the weather can not be over warm/hot too
if you do not take care of it well,the colors will fade little by little
we think it is must be too difficult for customers to do that and we hope to produce suits that you can use much longer!

if you did not take care of your suit well and the colors faded,you may contact us at sale@zentaizone.com to get a big discount

for a new(same) suit made by our new thick fabrics.

the advantages of our new thick fabrics(upgraded on 6th of August,2016) and please note:the name is same
1,more durable
2,thicker a little
3,printed colors are more correct
4,very easy to take care of
the colors will not fade even if you machine wash it
PS:but to make sure that you can use your costume much longer,we still recommend that you hand wash it without any detergent
and do not put it in water too long
if you have any other questions/suggestions,please feel free to let us know


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