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Where To Get A Spiderman Costume For Free

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Recently we received many emails from our customers and they asked if we will hold a “win a free spiderman costume” contest.Now we are very glad to tell you that we’ve decided to hold it and it will come soon.So you are welcome to send us a picture of you in our spiderman costume to take part and then you will have the chance to win a free spiderman costume if you get many votes from others.

By the way,the “Win a free lantern costume”contest is ongoing and all of the players have got many votes.

Custom Options FAQ

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Okay.Some customers might have no idea about all the custom options and so here I would like to explain them here by a photo


Contest Has Started!

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The contest has started and the link to the page is

If you have not sent us the photo,please hurry up!!

( )



Win A Free Lantern Costume Contest

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Good news!

Everybody has a chance to win a free lantern costume(it can be a green lantern costume,a blue lantern costume or a red lantern costume)!

If you gain the most votes,we will send you a lantern costume for free!

How to join?

Please send us a photo of you in our lantern costume plus some words that you will use to ask other to vote for your photo

We are planning to launch the contest 11th June  and we are now collecking these wonderful photos from you


Your photos or any questions please send to


We are looking forward to hearing from you

The Price Of Some Spiderman Costumes Rised

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Due to the inflation,we have to raise the prices of some spiderman costumes.Sorry for that.The price was updatd on 6th June.

But we are always confident that our spiderman costumes are the most cost-effective(hight quality,low price).


Blue Lantern Costume Arrived

Good news to you!

We just finished our shiny metallic blue lantern costume!!Check it out!

Note:the blue parts are shiny metallic materials and the black parts are lycra spandex materials