What Is Zentai

Zentai is a tight-fitting full bodysuit made of elastic lycra spandex fabric which covers the whole body, also the face. Zentai was first come from the Japanese word Zenshin Taitsu, which means “a full-body tights”.


Can I Breathe?

It is easily for zentai wearers to breathe in a zentai suits because it is made of fabric and not for example latex. Most of the shiny zentai suit is made of nylon/lycra blend, very similar to fabric be used for swimming suits. There are also different blends, for example cotton/lycra with a matte surface and a smoother feel. You can also select “open mouth” zentai suits.


Can I See Through?

You can easily see through the zentai suits when you wearing it. The quality of vision is relative to the thickness and color of the fabric. Generally the dark color gives you better vision. The light also plays a large role, soft and diffuse light makes seeing much easier. Any way, if you still worried about can not get a complete vision, you can select “open eyes” option.


How To Put It On?

Most of the zentai suits will have a zipper in the back, some can also under the crotch, you can choose what ever you like, it is easy to get into your zentai suit.

Why Zentai?

Different people may have different opinion about why they like zentai, generally most lover it because zentai suits can provide a feeling of being totally enclosed and separated from the rest of the world. Besides, they can completely feel the freedom brought by zentai. Some people are also like to sleep in zentai, They may just don’t know how to describe this feeling, but those who have managed to sleep in zentai say they sleep better in zentai than without.