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Basic Information Of Zentai

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As a zentai fan,we buy ourselves several new zentai suits every year and we must know these custom options like crotch zipper,open face and so on.But for a person who does not wear zentai for a long time,we should know the basic information about zentai.

A.Fully covering.Zentai means fully covering which means that you will be covered from the toes to your head without showing your any skin.And we also call it as “full bodysuits”.

B.Tight.If your full bodysuit is not tight,it is not a real zentai suit.The main materials are spandex lycra,shiny metallic and PVC.Note:PVC suits do not have stretch and so we suggest that our customers to fill in their measurements to get a custom-fit one.This measure to made service is free!

C.Back zipper.The original design of zentai has a back zipper for entry.It lasts from the top of your head to the keep using quality YKK zippers that will increase the life time of the suits you buy from us.

D.Separated fingers.A zentai in the original design has separated fingers but no separated toes.But most of zentai fans own several zentai suits with separated toes.We provide this custom option that only cost you extra USD3.5.

So how much you know above?You are welcome to let us know your opinions here.

The Top Ten Popular Zentai Suits in 2012

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Zentai is very popular in the world and what you might want to know what kind of zentai suits people wear most.Check out the list below:

Top 1,black spandex lycra zentai suit.Without any double,it is NO.1 and it stays the best seller every year.Maybe men love black most.

Top 2,Classic spiderman costume.There are so many people love this hero and they wear this costume for their Halloween,comic events and other special events.

Top 3,White spandex zentai suit

Top 4,New Spandex Lycra Spiderman Costume.People love spiderman and so even the color changed from red and blue to black is okay to us.

Top 5, Green spandex lycra zentai.We love green as it is nature color and with the green zentai on,we become “green man”.

Top 6,Blue spandex lycra zentai suit

Top 7,Tiger zentai suit

Top 8 Leopard zentai suit.It is different from tiger one and women love it most as they will look very sexy in a leopard zentai.

Top 9 Red spandex lycra zentai.No matter for men or women,red always is their favorite.No matter you are wearing it for a Halloween party or zentai fans gathering,red zentai always make you outstanding.

Top 10, Zebra full bodysuit.Zebra is an essential element in fashion.Women look sexy and a little bit wild in this kind of suits.

Blue Lantern Costume Arrived

Good news to you!

We just finished our shiny metallic blue lantern costume!!Check it out!

Note:the blue parts are shiny metallic materials and the black parts are lycra spandex materials

Can I See Through The Zentai?

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We always received the same question:can I see though the zentai?I guess those customers were planning to wear zentai in public or want to wear zentai for performance or other special events.So I think it is necessary to explain it here.

You can see through the lycra spandex zentai suits and modal zentai suits and you not have to worry about if you will bump into others or get hitted while in it.

You can not see though Shiny metallic zentai suits clearly and maybe just the shadows.So,if you want to wear this kind of zentai outside for an event,I suggest that you choose the “open eyes” custom option

Please remember that you can not see though PVC materials and so most of our pvc zentai catsuits are made without hood or with open eyes and open mouth,

Any other questions you may have,please feel free to contact us at