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The Right Way To Be “Spiderman”

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Spiderman is one of the most popular hero and people love it not just because he is cool and has superpower but the most important reason is that he stands for justice and a spirit of helping others.
Although we keep working hard to design and produce cool and authentic spiderman costumes,we do think that people should pay more attention on his spirit.As long as you own this kind of spirit,you could become a real hero,a real spiderman.
There are many news about people wear spiderman costumes to help others.We definitely admire and thumb up to those real heroes.We were very excited when we heard that one of our customers used our product to help others.
Today we heard a new real story of a “spiderman” who helps others.God job man and all of us are proud of you!we hope there will be more and more “real spiderman” in the world.

3-D Spiderman Costume

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Good news to spiderman fans!3-D spiderman costume has been finished.Last year,many customers ask us to design a spiderman costume with 3-D spider on the front and back and yes,now we finished.


Due to the photograph you might think this new costume is as same as our classic spiderman costume.And yes,they look similar but if you try it in person,you will know the big difference.The spider logo looks like that a real spider is on your costume.It is very amazing!

Hope more customers will put their videos in our this 3-D spiderman costume on youtube



The Winner Of “Win A Free Spiderman Costume Contest”

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Congratulations! He has been voted as the coolest spiderman!And he got total 112 votes!

Now he can tell us which spiderman costume he wants and he will get it for free!

Thanks to all the friends who sent us their cool pictures and we will hold more contests in the near future!Let’s wait and see!

We Made A Minor Difference On The Newest Spandex Lycra Amazing Spiderman Costume Zentai Suit

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Some friends told us that our Newest Spandex Lycra Amazing Spiderman Costume Zentai Suit should be closer to the one in the movie.So we did a minor changement on it.

Just a little bit difference.

Amazing Spiderman Costumes Arrived

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Good news to spdierman fans and our dear customers.The amazing spiderman costumes have arrived!There are two designs.Now you can stop looking for a spoiderman costume from Spider-man 4.Note:we were not planning to make our costumes as same as the one in the movie.

There are two different designs:

2012 Spandex Lycra Zentai Amazing Spiderman Costume

This materials of this costume are cloest to the one in the movide

Newest Spandex Lycra Amazing Spiderman Costume Zentai Suit

This costume has a lot of stretch and it is very soft against your skin.It is very confortable to wear.

So which one do you like most?

Win Free Spiderman Costume Contest Started

Sorry.We can not upload all the photos (that you sent to us) on the page.If you find that your photos are not there,please take another one and send it to us

Photos must be clear and without any adult content.

The player who gets the most votes by the end of August will get a spiderman costume for free!You are welcome vote for the coolest spiderman!

the link is

Where To Get A Spiderman Costume For Free

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Recently we received many emails from our customers and they asked if we will hold a “win a free spiderman costume” contest.Now we are very glad to tell you that we’ve decided to hold it and it will come soon.So you are welcome to send us a picture of you in our spiderman costume to take part and then you will have the chance to win a free spiderman costume if you get many votes from others.

By the way,the “Win a free lantern costume”contest is ongoing and all of the players have got many votes.