New Arrival:America Captain 2 Zentai Costume

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some people want us to design a zentai costume based on the America Captain 2.Yes,we have finished and now you can order it on our website

You are welcome to give us your opinions on it.

Spandex Lycra America Captain 2 Zentai Costume

Model For The Amazing Spiderman 2 Zentai Costume Has Been Changed

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Well.Almost all the customers who wear our amazing spiderman 2 zentai costume looks very cool and some customers suggested that we should change the model.LOL.

You are right and so we just changed the model and used the new product pics.Of course,the product design,its quality and everything are same!

check out the new product pics below:


How To Get The Amazing Spiderman Lenses Free?

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Please use code”2014halloween”on your checkout page to save 10% off if your order over 80 dollars.(this code available during Oct.)

Many customers want a pair of spiderman lenses and now you not have to spend much time on searching where to get one.Because you can get one from us for free.

From now on,you can use your shopping points to get one for free or if you order over 149 dollars,you may get one as a gift.

Note:not all people want the lenses and so please comment on your order regarding the lenses you want.Now we have amazing spiderman 1 and amazing spiderman 2 lenses.


Hand-made The Amazing Spiderman 1 Lenses

Hand-made The Amazing Spiderman 2 Lenses



You Design It We Print And Sew It

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Good news!From now on, accept all custom suits and you can commission us to make any suit you want as long as you have finished the design.

Favorable price and best quality are guaranteed all the time!

So how to get started with a custom order?only 2 steps!

1,contact us by live chat or email to let us know your needs and show us your design to get the quote

2,we guide you to finish your payment and send us your measurements required after your payment




All zentaizone’s customers know that we provide custom service:you can commission us to make a suit/costume you want.But in the past,we did not accept custom orders that need “print” work.We have noticed that more and more people have the needs for “print” work and so we provide this service from now on!

Super Cool Delux 3D Amazing Spiderman 2 Zentai Costume

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 Super Cool Delux 3D Amazing Spiderman 2 Zentai Costume

we keep working hard and try to satisfy all your needs.So this costume is finished according to your requests.

It has 3d spiders,cool honeycomb pattern and besides,it has quality leather insoles at the bottom of the people can wear this costume without wearing shoes!


Congratulations!The Two Costume Winners In March

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The free costume for March is the Lycra Spandex Round Eyes Deadpool Costume

By the end of the March,there is only one video review on our website and it is from Jack.So he will win this costume.

There are many picture reviews and we sincerely appreciate their kind customers’ great supports to us. and Goran is lucky enough to win this costume!

Congratulations to both of them and big thanks to all of our customers!

Let’s wait and see who will get the April free costume and it is a green lantern costume!

3-d amazing spiderman 2 costume arrived!

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We finally finished this amazing spiderman 2 costume before Chinese New Year and thanks very much for your great support to us.

Besides during Chinese New Year holiday,if you order over $86,you will enjoy the free shipping!Please use code”happy 2014″

we hope all of you will have a happy 2014!

let’s check out how this amazing spiderman costume is below:

New 3-D Spandex Lycra Amazing Spiderman 2 Zentai Costume

it has raised spiders and honeycomb is authentic and cool,right?

raised spider on the front

raised spider on the back


Print Zentai

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What is a print zentai?In fact it is an unicolor zentai like a plain white zentai printed with a pattern.This way helps us to look simlar to any character we want.

Now has created some print products and hope you will love them.You may find these product on our website by searching” print”.

Some cool ones are listed below:

Gentleman Lycra Print Full Body Suit

Horrific Mummy Spandex Print Halloween Zentai

Shy Panda Print Spandex Full Body Suit

Attack On Titan Spandex Print Zentai Costume

Spandex Cute Snow Man Print Zentai Suit




Cute Spandex Print Totoro Animal Zentai Suit


Authentic Venom Costume

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In the past our customers needed to comment their order to let us to custom make our venom spiderman costume with “white square” on the back of the hands and spider on the back of the costume as well.

Now it becomes much easier and more convenient for those people who want an authentic venom costume.You must just order this product as below:

Deadpool Costume Version 2 Arrived

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In fact we have made this costume for a lot of our customers and until today we listed it on our website.

In fact the deadpool costume version 2 is almost as same as our classic deadpool costume and the main difference is that it has round eyes.

Lycra Spandex Round Eyes Deadpool Costume

our old one:Spandex Lycra Deadpool Costume

we took another picture of this classic one for you to see the diffence