A Deluxe Spiderman Costume

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We keep designing new spiderman costumes to meet your needs.In the past,some of our customers wanted a costume that has honeycomb pattern and so based on this request,we finally designed this one for you.

We want you to look cool in it but unique to other spiderman costumes;we want you feel comfortable in it and so we used the top-rated spandex lycra.Let’s check out the new design for 2014.

It is 2014 Super Cool Lycra Spandex Spiderman Costume

New Snake Pattern Zentai

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Snake pattern zentai is always loved by a lot of girls and to meet your needs,we have designed the new one for you.It is different from other ones because you can touch the snake pattern.It is amazing right?check it out below:

it is “2014 New Snake Pattern Animal Zentai

Pu Metallic Zentai Arrived

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Shiny metallic zentai suits give you a shiny and beautiful look but the only pity is that this kind of suits can not be used for a long time.
Now we designed a new kind of zentai:Pu metallic zentai!you still can have the look you want and this kind of suits can be used for quite a long time.Of course,there is no perfect thing as Pu metallic zentai do not allow you to breathe.So we recommend that you buy one that is have open mouth or open eyes custom option.Check out these great products we have now!

2013 Halloween Sale

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10% off if you order over $70!
We have prepared well for your 2013 Halloween and enough quantity of items allow all the people all over the world have wear our products for 2013 Halloween
besides we have shorten the order processing time and decrease the price of espedited shipping to try to help all our customers can receive their orders before halloween if they order from us before by 26th Oct.

A Great Suit For Halloween

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We want to give you a happy Halloween this year and so the Glow In Dark Halloween Spandex Lycra Skeleton Zentai may be your best choice.With it,you will find to look like “skeleton” is so easy that you can achieve this look in a few seconds. Let’s have a look at it when in the daylight.The skeleton pattern looks awesome and unique.Even it does not glow,you may still use it for your party,right?

the amazing thing happens when you turn off the lights (please mare sure that you are in dark then):the skeleton zentai suit will glow,which is really cool.

The amazing thing is that like our other zentai suits and costumes,this skeleton zentai suit isavailabe for  both women and men,adults and kids .

Man Of Steel Costumes

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Good news to fans of man of steel!We have finished our designs for this costume and there are total two designs:version 1 and version 2

Lycra Spandex Shiny Man Of Steel Zentai Costume(version 1)

Shiny Man Of Steel Super Hero Costume Zentai Suit (version 2)

how do you think about them?do you like the two man of steel costumes?As usually,their prices are very favorable.USD59 per one!

Unisex Lycra Spandex Man Of Steel Superman Costume (version 3)

the version 3 was designed per some of our customers requested and it is made from spandex lycra.

You are welcome to give us some feedback on the two costumes!thanks in advance.

VIP Member System Launched

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Good news to zentaizone members!Now you can get many great gifts from us and all of them are free for you,as long as you have enough “shopping points”.You get one point when you spend one dollar on shopping from us.For example,if your purchase was 100 dollars,now your shopping points are 100.

We have prepared a lot of gifts like amazing spiderman T-shirt on Zentaizone Free Gifts Area.

Now log into your account to check your total shopping points and to see if there any gift you may want!

More gifts will be added soon…


Face Zentai

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What is face zentai?It is a new kind of zentai suits that are designed based on its original design.But the interesting thing is that this zentai with girl face look on.it is our 2013 biggest design and we hope you will love them.

Some information on Face Zentai

1,the color of suit can be changed which means that we can make any-colored zentai with a girl face you want.It is easy for you to order as you just need to comment to let us know which color you want.

2,the girl faces are harmless to your health as their main materials are natural resin.It won’t  come off the suit.But if you want to wear a face zentai outside,you’d better cut off the eyes as you can not see through the “Face”.

3-D Spiderman Costume

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Good news to spiderman fans!3-D spiderman costume has been finished.Last year,many customers ask us to design a spiderman costume with 3-D spider on the front and back and yes,now we finished.


Due to the photograph you might think this new costume is as same as our classic spiderman costume.And yes,they look similar but if you try it in person,you will know the big difference.The spider logo looks like that a real spider is on your costume.It is very amazing!

Hope more customers will put their videos in our this 3-D spiderman costume on youtube



What Is YKK Zipper

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Zippers have been used since Jan.1934 and the brand of YKK appeared in 1946.Until know YKK zippers have been regarded as the most popular zipper brand.

YKK is a short of Yoshida Kogyo Kabushibibaisha and YKK is the originator of zipper industry and its price is about 10 times of other zippers.

Zentaizone.com use YKK zippers on each suit all the time because we believe that with the great zippers our customers can wear their zentai suits much longer.